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Capitalism, Meet Cooperative Capitalism: And a New Imperative for Facebook?

First: Apologies for hijacking the title of this excellent article by Robin Chase and for hubristically hoping to improve it by adding an old, old but, for most people, a very new perspective. Ms. Chase, herself the founder of Zipcar … Continue reading

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Facebook Responds: The Reports of My Death…

KJH: Thanks very much for this invitation to speak with you, Facebook; I’m honored, but kind of puzzled why you picked me… I’m not a big fan, you know. Facebook: Well, I checked you out pretty thoroughly; doesn’t look like … Continue reading

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This is the End, My Friend: Social Media is Dead, Sort Of

You hadn’t heard? Oh, yeah, Social Media died (sort of) on May 19, 2014, when Scott Monty of Ford announced on his personal blog that he’s no longer “of Ford.”[1] Actually, I guess the official day of death was the … Continue reading

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BREAKING: AXA, Facebook, and the “Shot Heard Round the Industry”

(A quiet day at the North Bridge, Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts, where the original “shot heard ’round the world” was fired.) Perhaps I was deeply preoccupied with something else that day, because I didn’t hear the shot, but I did read … Continue reading

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Meeting #2: Social Media Guru and Humongous Life Insurance’s Gonzo Redhead of Compliance

(Photo credit: SonOfErat.) For Part I of this three-part series, click the following link: Meeting #1: PR Guy and Social Media Guru at Humongous Life Insurance Nik (walking into Cindy’s office): Hi, I’m Nik; I think I’m on time. Cindy: … Continue reading

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