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Lemonade Inc.: Hype, Trust, Transparency, Mutuality

I’ve been excited by the advent of #Lemonade Inc. since I first heard about it early last year. If you’ve had any experience in the insurance biz over the past few years, when insurtech became a thing — or over … Continue reading

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Innovation, Good & Bad, in the Insurance Biz

One of the many things I was taught early on in Blogging School — BTW, where the hell is that degree from Nixon College?[1] — and then learned for myself from bitter blogging experience, is that — should you ever cherish hope … Continue reading

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The Life Insurance Industry is to Ukraine as Ukraine is to…

You’ve got to give me props on this one, because it’s every bit as difficult as it is ballsy to find and combine in one blog post two subjects inherently less interesting than Ukraine and life insurance. I’m not of … Continue reading

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A Modest Proposal: Let’s Emasculate the Life Insurance Industry

Well, this is what on Twitter is known and so designated as a #longread; sorry about that. I won’t be the slightest bit disappointed if you want to jump down a few clicks to the Emasculation part. But be aware … Continue reading

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Life Insurance on TV, Oh My!

Lately I’ve been noticing a couple new life insurance commercials on TV. I don’t know if these are running nationally — perhaps so; they’re on national cable channels — but they’re certainly running at least in the Northeast. First, there … Continue reading

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